KPL Schedule 2021: Kashmir Premier league Schedule announced

Kashmir Premier League Schedule:

KPL Schedule 2021

The management of the KPL Announced the full schedule of all the matches in the Kashmir premier league in Azad Kashmir Muzaffarabad 2021. All the matches will be starting on Pakistan standard time. The big event of KPL is 11 days tournament which has six teams. KPL will start on  6 august 2021 at Muzaffarabad cricket ground. The opening ceremony of KPL will be on Friday.

These teams are part of KPL: 

KPL teams include Kotli Lions, Rawalakot Hawks, Mirpur Royals, Muzaffarabad Tigers, Overseas Warriors, and Bagh Stallions.

The Opening Ceremony of KPL will be held at 6:00 PM.

August 6:  

--Rawalakot Hawks vs Mirpur Royals (8:30 pm)

August 7, Saturday

– Kotli Lions vs Bagh Stallions (2:00pm)

– Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Overseas Warriors (7:30pm)

August 8, Sunday

– Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals (2:00pm)

– Kotli Lions vs Rawalakot Hawks (7:30pm)

August 9, Monday

– Mirpur Royals vs Overseas Warriors (2:00pm)

–Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Rawalakot Hawks  (7:30pm)

August 10, Tuesday

– Kotli Lions vs Muzaffarabad Tigers (2:00pm)

– Overseas Warriors vs Bagh Stallions (7:30pm)

August 11, Wednesday

– Bagh Stallions vs Rawalakot Hawks (2:00pm)

–Mirpur Royals vs  Kotli Lions

August 12, Thursday

– Muzaffarabad Stallions vs Bagh Stallions (10:00am)

– Overseas Warriors vs Rawalakot Hawks (3:30pm)

August 13, Friday

– Kotli Lions vs Overseas Warriors (2:00pm)

– Mirpur Royals vs Muzaffarabad Tigers  (7:30pm)

August 14, Saturday (Qualifier 1]

– Team 1 vs Team 2 (4:00pm)

August 15, Sunday (Eliminator 1)

– Team 3 vs Team 4 (4:00pm)

August 16, Monday (Eliminator 2)

August 17, Tuesday (Final)

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