Pakistani Famous Tiktoker

1) Mehran Khattak
Pakistani Famous Tiktoker

One of the Pakistani Famous tiktoker Mehran Khattak of Pakistan rankings at first with 8.8 million followers. He is just 18 years and his singing and fashion-inspired videos have made him famous. He was born in Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan, and now, he moved into Lahore for his higher studies. 

Before that, he studies Computer Engineering. Also, Mehran doesn't have only lovers from Pakistan but all around the world. In addition to 5.8 million followers on Tik Tok, he is 90.3 million hearts on videos too. This makes him the hottest tiktoker of Pakistan. Now in Pakistan Most trending and popular Mehran Khattak Tiktoker. according to worldinfo2021 famous and popular TikTok star Mehran Khattak

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Most Famous Khattak Tiktok Star

2) Zulqarnain Sikandar:

Zulqarnain Sikandar is after Mehran Khattak with all the other famous tiktokers of Pakistan are famous due to his unbeatable content. He's famed for making funny videos, mostly. Mr. Sikandar's realm would be to entertain people and from his followers, we could clearly say that he is a fantastic entertainer. He follows 24 individuals and contains 5.2 million followers. Additionally, his videos got a total of 259 million hearts. Let's see if you're able to duet with him.

3) Malik Usman:

Certainly, Malik Usman made them into the top 10 tiktokers of Pakistan because of his enthusiasm for producing unique and humorous videos. He definitely makes lots of men and women smile with his funny videos. Moreover, virtually every video becomes viral on other social networking platforms. To undergo him readily utilize #famousmolvi on your videos or duets. Along with 154.8 million hubs around Tik Tok.

4) Sehar Hayat:

Sehar Hayat is among the famed tiktokers of both Pakistan along a model also. She's an actress also. But besides Tik Tok, she's balancing on Instagram and YouTube too. Ms. Hayat is famed for cooperating with several tiktokers of Pakistan, which causes nice and content that is noticeable. She's amazing and her astonishing

content makes her among the greatest tiktokers.  Discord Mod Memes

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